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We focus on your business objectives, to design and develop integrated software tailored to address specific issues and achieve your business goals.

Listening to your needs, Ouse Creative work for and with your business to increase productivity, improve process efficiency and develop revenue streams while minimising operational cost to facilitate business growth.

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bespoke business software development

bespoke business software development

Our team enjoy discussing the reviewing the business practices of our clients - to see how we can assist in improving and automating these routine, but often laborious tasks.

With bespoke software development, the emphasis is on your business needs, processes and data flow within the business.

From marketing and sales to processing, fulfillment and aftercare - we hope to work with you to improve your business model and help you achieve.

Every business has individual processes, lets discuss how Ouse Creative can help you achieve with efficient and tailored software integration - get in touch.

customer sales and process management

customer sales and process management

The process of taking, recording and delivering a customer sales, be it product or service based, has many repetitive facets. We seek to streamline and automate the software used to make this happen.

By delivering intuitive software and web systems, we are able to ease the user's burden (and often frustration) of their everyday tasks. Allowing them to focus on your customers and selling your business rather than the systems they use to achieve great customer care.

Our process management software is commonly asked to document interactions, confirm real-time asset or product availability while leaving a silent audit trail for management and statical analysis.

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database design and backup

database design and backup

To utilise the power of a modern database is often the most cost-effective way to share, create and maintain information about your customers, products, suppliers, sales figures, stock control and employees.

The advantages are simple to see; open access to authorized persons from anywhere in the world, remote working, communication of up-to-the-minute information and the ability to interact with company database content at any time of day or night.

Ouse Creative design, build, deploy and maintain various types of database including MS SQL Server, MySQL, Apache Derby, Oracle, SQLite and No-SQL databases.

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software and API integration

software and API integration

Modern websites and systems are usually a mix of differing applications all talking to one another seamlessly behind the scenes.  Ouse Creative work hard to design and delivery joined-up systems, using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to get various software systems communicating.

These are sometimes from within the same organization or from third party suppliers or reseller systems.  We can often improve efficiency, eliminate repetition of data entry and distribute data via automated business and website communications.

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