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digital marketing

Digital Marketing encompasses many aspects that collectively contribute to our client's growth. Ouse Creative we're keen to advise, support and implement online marketing activities that promote and enhance the websites and business software systems we deliver.

We help our clients develop and grow through mid to long term development of their systems and back this up with a structured, pro-active approach to the supporting and engaging potential of Digital Marketing.

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customer engagement

customer engagement

Redefine how you engage your customers and audience

We work with our clients to identify and engage with their target market, from social media channel use to the provision of tailored, customer focused user experience; the key is to understand your business, it's personality, and that of your clients and how they would like to work with you.

Ouse Creative review current practices, consult on best methodologies to move your business forward with improved customer engagement. With careful consideration of your market and value proposition to plan and best deliver a developed solution.

With a strategy to engage with your customers - maybe integrating online chat on your website, training staff and knowing who's looking, at what, when; with real-time website statistics and traffic analysis we can deliver efficient

Would you like to reduce time on, and increase relationship value via your social media channels? Engage your clients with great design and automate delivery of email marketing?

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business branding

business branding

From digital brand promotion to logos, colours and corporate themes we're happy to help with your digital and commercial image. 

Developing websites and systems that reflect your image and appeal to the target user, Ouse Creative work with our clients to design and deliver your brand with continutiy across various media channels.

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Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often quoted as a single deliverable item in a box!  We work with our clients to develop and delivery good SEO, not just from website visibility in the search engines, but also to ensure that the target market is well defined and the resulting visitors are right for your business goals.

We continually review our practices in the area and tailor SEO and website support packages to engage and deliver for our clients.

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marketing integration

marketing integration

Online marketing is a wide area and we work extensively with Google and various online partners to promote and market our client's services, products and businesses to deliver automated systems and quantifiable results.

We integrate email and SMS notification systems, social media content syndication and a wide array of software to enable ease of use with simplified reporting.

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